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J. Mark Threadgill & Company is a full service ranch services company that can handle any type and size of ranch project you may want done. They have been in business for several decades and can offer you competitive pricing on almost ranch services project.

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Below is a list of ranch and contract services that they offer.

Fencing (Deer Fence, Pipe Fence, Chain Link Fence, Barb Wire Fence, Cattle Fence, Netting Wire Fence, Silt Fence and Cable Fencing)

Brush and Debris Clearing

Custom built and installation of Water Gaps for Fencing

Custom Built Farm & Ranch Entrances

Ranch & Farm Road Construction including culvert and pipe Installation

Dirt Work and Hauling (Including house, home and laydown yard pads construction

Sanblasting & Painting

Tree trimming and removal

Delivery and Hot Shot Services of almost any size item

Electrical,water line and pipe trenching service

Shreading & Mowing (Including pastures, fields, right of ways, pipelines, laydown yards, and meter loop stations)

Custom Metal Building (Pole barn, weld up and bolt up together metal buildings)

Custom built Cattle Guards (Both Cantilever or Swing)

Custom designed and built Cow & Cattle Pens

ranch services contractor

Our available equipment list includes:




Haul Truck

Hydro-Ax Mulchers (90 Hp to 305 HP)


Dump Trucks

Tractors & Shredders

Welding Machines

ranch services equipment

In addition to being a ranch services company, J. Mark Threadgill & Company can also handle all your Construction projects as well.

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