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Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fence is a popular choice because of its affordability, ease of installation and transparency for both yard fencing and security fencing.

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Chain link fencing is by far more affordable than wood, pvc or iron fencing, making it the best choice for enclosing and securing large areas such as oil well site, industrial facilities, chemical plants, holding pond, gas compressor stations, meter runs, tank batteries and lay-down yards.

Usually several several rows of barb jwire fence is affixed to the top of the chain link fencing when it is used for security purposes.

Chain link fencing, sometimes called hurricane fencing is even great around the house, because it is basically transparent it is really popular for dog kennels and can even be used for as yard fencing.

The galvanized steel which chain link fencing is made out of makes it extremely durable and strong, ideal for the sweltering Texas head. You can get chain link fence dipped in green or black vinyl, which further protects the steel from the weather while adding a decorative appearance to your fence.

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You can get chain link fence in a variety of gauges, or thickness of the metal mesh. Of course, the thicker the gauge, the longer it can be galvanized during manufacturing, making the fence less susceptible to corrosion or rust over a longer period of time.

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