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Cattle Fencing

Cattle Fencing is usually a barbed wire type of fencing that uses sharp, pointy barbs to deter cattle from crossing the path.

When it was originally created back in the wild west days, barbed wire was used primarily for restraining cattle. Before barbed wire was invented to control and manage cattle back in the 1860’s, cattle were pretty much free to roam the plains as they pleased. Using barbed wire fences for cattle became very popular by the early 1900's especially in the prairies, where lumber for post was pretty rare.

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Today, cattle fencing comes in many types and forms including high tensile barbed wire cattle fence such as Gaucho Brand or American Brand or proven standard in cattle fencing, which is easy to maintain and an economical containment system for any size herd.

Secondly, netting wire cattle fencing is a great choice for a secure barrier when it is needed to keep small calves in and predators out. Netting wire cattle fence is sometimes called woven wire cattle fencing.

The number one goal on each cattle fence construction job is to understand and accommodate the needs of the cattle and ranch owners. All fabrication, construction, and installation of braces, gates and cattle fence are done on-site.

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