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Barbed wire is a type of fencing that uses sharp, pointy barbs to deter animals from crossing. It is most commonly used to secure cattle, sheep, goats, hogs and horses on ranch and farm operations.

When it was originally created back in the wild west days, barbed wire was used primarily for restraining cattle. Before barbed wire was invented in the 1860’s, cattle were pretty much free to roam the plains as they pleased, severely limiting farming and ranching operations. Barbed wire fences became very popular in the early 1900's especially in the prairies, where lumber for post was pretty rare.

Today, barbed wire fencing is much more commonly seen at the top of security chain link fencing. Generally when someone sees a barbed wire fence, they see an impassable barrier. Aside from security and intrusion , barbed wire fences are still used to keep cattle and other animals off the roads and highways all across the United States.

Another place barbed wire is also commonly used today is around construction sites to showcase that it is dangerous to enter the protected area. No matter what your barbed wire fencing needs are, J. Mark Threadgill Fence Company can build from a few hundred feet to hundreds of miles of fence.

The number one goal on each barb wire fence construction job is to understand and accommodate the needs of the animals, facilities and ranch owners. All fabrication, construction, and installation of braces, gates and barb wire fence are done on-site.

Barbed wire fences over all is a good all around and inexpensive security and cattle fencing solution, no matter if your trying to keep people or animals - In or Out of an area. Installing and building barbed wire fences can be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, J. Mark Threadgill and Company has many years of experience working with barbed wire fences. Contact them today for a free price quote on your next barb wire fence project.

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